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For the Love of Pastels

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

By Monica Brinkman - Featured Artist

This week we feature some artistic works by Moni B, also known to all as author and radio personality, Monica Brinkman.

Ms Brinkman painted using acrylic and oil mediums prior to the 2018 Camp Fire taking her home, and of course all those art supplies.

In an attempt to have easily moveable artistic tools, Moni B. tried her hand at soft pastels. Now she is in love with them.

A few samples of her work can be found via the below video. Enjoy. And be sure to visit her web-site On the Brink.

Recently, I found a form of artwork that has prove to be a great passion in my life. Today, I share a few with you.

Check out Monica Brinkman's web-site On the Brink.

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