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Reflections of a Podcast Host.

Updated: Apr 1

What could be the harm? Naïve question. What good can I do? Simplistic and, worse, idealistic.

My friend Monica had asked me to co-host her internet radio show. Two Unsynchronized Souls.

Her previous co-host and our mutual friend Oana had tired of the gig. More to Oana’s point, her book wasn’t selling.

Wow, speaking of naivete, did she really expect sales? Reality test here. If you’re an author,

don’t expect to make a living off royalties. You need to make money, better to be a fry cook at a burger joint or, if you don’t have somebody else sharing the bills, work at Amazon.

The work is hard, the environment punitive, the benefits nonexistent, but the pay is at least adequate.

Yeah, yeah, I know I shouldn’t be knocking Amazon when my own books are listed. Hey, tell

you what, visit my Amazon page and buy one of those books. That’ll show me.

Anyway, that’s where Monica’s previous co-host worked. I had a better option, Social Security

(and yeah, some decent savings). So, with no expectations of selling a single copy of anything and even fewer expectations of gaining fame, I agreed to co-host Two Unsynchronized Souls on Blog Talk Radio.

If ever there was an unsynchronized soul, c’est moi. Seriously, forget Eastern, Central,

Mountain, and Pacific. Forget Daylight Savings and Standard, too. I live in my own

zone—someplace between ADD and narcolepsy. Wherever that zone is, it comes with opinions and endless verbiage. I even talk to myself when I’m writing. Sometimes the voiceover takes control; that’s when the best stuff hits the paper.

At any rate, it’s been years since Monica asked me to be unsynchronized with her. How many

hours of interviews have we done? How many shows posted? Let’s just go with lots. Some have been gibberish. A few have been funny. And, some have actually made sense. We’ve had guests, lots of them. We’ve had partners in crime, only a few. And, we’ve had cats. Well,

Monica has the cats. Me, at this point in life I only keep stuffed animals. They don’t make a lot of demands, although they can be quite critical. My moose complains I don’t get the dust off him often enough. (True.) My stuffed sloth complains that I shake him too hard in order to get the moss off. (Also true.) And, my stuffed Dalmatian claims I ignore him. (I tell him we haven’t had a fire, which is thankfully true, but that does nothing for him.)

So, with a special nod to Kerry Hall, who was our co-host for a long time, to Celeste Duckworth, our current co- and especially to Punky the Radio Cat, let me thank Monica for making my life a little brighter just by offering me a chance to compare souls. Hers is unquestionably the purer but I’ll say loud and proud that I’m still as unsynchronized as anyone even if we have gone from that original title to It Matters Radio to our present incarnation, Writings, Chats and Friends.

Enough? No, never. You just have to catch the podcase.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled musing.


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